Our organisation

BAUM Management S.à r.l. - Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

BAUM Management is the management company and the sole manager of Central American Timber Fund FCP-SIF and was initially especially erected for this purpose. BAUM Management is regulated by the CSSF.  We believe strongly in offering the best, and more importantly, easily accessible fund offerings available within the sector.


BAUM Management is established in Luxembourg, at the heart of the European fund industry. The independent counterparties and regulatory environment offer investors a solid, fully transparent structure and a team based in Luxembourg. 


BAUM Management gathered extensive specialized knowledge to become the independent fund provider in Luxembourg. The responsible board members have over 20 years experience in finance, fund management and the financial industry (corporate and investment banking). Their background enables them to be at the front of any new development, offering the best structure for investors as well as asset managers. In close cooperation with investment managers and family offices, BAUM Management has developed various funds and related products for financial institutions, as well as for well informed private investors and/or financial planners. Our funds are being distributed via financial intermediaries, various platforms, insurance wrapped products and straight forward investments via private banks, asset managers and others throughout Europe and the Far-East. 



  • Bas Dijkman

    Bas Dijkman is the acting chairman of the Board. He has over 20 years’ experience in investment banking, worked internationally and held various senior leading management positions within derivatives trading, structuring & advisory departments within banks in The Netherlands, Germany and the UK. 


  • Erik Lammerts van Bueren

    Erik Lammerts van Bueren holds a Masters degree in Forestry, Wageningen University, Netherlands. He started his career in the National Forest Service where he was charged with timber sales. He became Supervisor of the management of all national forests and nature reserves and finally served as Director of Forest and Landscape, developing forest policy and legislation. He made a switch in 1990 to become Director of Tropenbos International, a non-profit foundation with the aim to contribute to the wise and responsible management of tropical rainforests. He prepared the basis for many joint research and development programs in a great number of tropical countries around the globe. Since 2002,  Erik is an independent international consultant to national organizations such as ITTO (International Tropical Timber Organization), Dutch Government, Dutch Timber Trade Federation. He has gained specific expertise in standard setting for sustainable forest management. Erik served and still serves in various national and international committees and boards like the Executive Committee of the US based Tropical Forest Foundation, and the Dutch Timber Procurement Assessment Committee.



  • Ross Main

    Ross Main is the compliance officer of BAUM Management S.à r.l