BAUM, the manager of the Fund

The Manager 

BAUM Management is a management company that was founded in 2011 with the sole purpose to manage the Central American Timber Fund FCP – SIF (the "Fund"). The Fund will be dissolved and more information on the process and status can be obtained via

Availability for Questions

For questions, the manager is available by email. There are some moments in the second part of 2020 that the office of the Manager we will be closed and your message will be picked up on the next working day. The closingperiod is available via the link. A personal question can also be discussed by a telephone appointment. One can apply for a tele-meeting via (i) mailing a question to with (ii) your enity code and (iii) telephone number.

The Office

The office at Senningerberg has been closed since the start of Covid-19 and will remain closed. All unitholder enquiries have to be directed to and will be answered within one working week and normaly within two working days. Moventem S.C.A or other service providers are not in the position to answer your emails, they will automatically redirect to Please send any enquiry directly to

Dissolution of the Fund

The page “Dissolution Fund”, behind the loging provide more information on the proces, status and Q&A.
Login via your entity code and If your password does not function or has been lost, you will receive a new password via the link: